Diatomaceous Earth Silica All Natural Multi-Purpose Cleanser

Each and every day humans are exposed to pollutants, toxins, bacteria, and other harmful agents. These toxins get into our body and slow down various parts of our internal body functions making us feel weak and tired – among other things. Simply put, our bodies do not function properly when there are toxins in our body.

diatomaceous earth silica researchSo how can we get rid of these toxins? One natural cleanser called diatomaceous earth is the simple solution if you’re serious about eliminating toxins from your body.

Diatomaceous earth (food grade or pool grade) is actually sediment made up from the remains of prehistoric algae that once littered the seas and oceans. Once these algae died their exoskeletons settled at the bottom of the oceans and formed huge deposits, which are now mined and sold as diatomaceous earth.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Cleanse the Body?

You’re probably wondering, how exactly does diatomaceous earth and silica supplementation work? Diatomaceous earth molecules are actually cylindrical in shape with very sharp edges that stick to the walls of the body. As diatomaceous earth travels through the digestive system, toxins are scraped off the walls of the GI system and trapped in the cylinder.

The toxins are then flushed out of the system through as waste excrement. Once the process is complete, you’ll end up with a healthier, cleaner body. While diatomaceous earth is excellent at all types of cleansing, it is especially useful for heavy metal cleansing.

Food Grade DE Heavy Metal Cleansing

Heavy metals are elements that have a density that is at least 5x that of water. The most common types of heavy metals include aluminum, copper, mercury, zinc, cadmium, and iron. This is one of the many silica supplement benefits out there along with rebuilding and repairing on skin, hair, nails and teeth.

In small doses, these heavy metals are vital to our health. Copper, zinc, and iron for example are incredibly important and play a role in our everyday life. However, when these elements are present in high amounts, they can have adverse effects on our health. Look at all of the latest vantage points of silica benefits for bone and body health.

Aluminum for example has been linked to Alzheimer’s in several studies. In some cases, researchers felt that aluminum toxicity was the direct cause of Alzheimer’s.

Diatomaceous Earth for Pets: Silica Benefits

Diatomaceous earth isn’t just for humans though – it is very useful for pets as well. Diatomaceous earth is used by pet owners and farmers to eliminate parasites and toxins from animals similarly to how it works in humans. The main reason why Food Grade DE is beneficial for humans as well as pets is because of the natural silica mineral content (up to 85% pure silicon dioxide).

Tapeworms and other parasites are eliminated by diatomaceous earth because the sharp edges cut their exoskeletons, which kills them incredibly quickly. The remains are then transferred out of the body the same way it is in humans. However, it may take a few extra weeks to eliminate any parasite eggs that may have been laid in the GI tract.

If you decide to buy diatomaceous earth for consumption, make sure you’re buying food grade DE. This is the grade of diatomaceous earth that is safe for human consumption. You’ll also want to remember to drink a few extra classes of water because diatomaceous earth will increase the rate of urination as it flushes the toxins out of your body. Make sure you read additional studies about DE here.

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